Sports betting is a highly popular gambling option that has been around for years. Simply put, it is the activity of betting on the results of various sporting events. There are multiple sports that are bet upon, and there are also multiple ways to place these bets. A brief outline of what goes on in sports betting is described below. Sports betting can encompass literally any sport. These days any sport can be bet on, however, there are some sports that are watched and bet on much more frequently. Some of these are football, basketball, hockey, MMA, cycling and boxing. The sports also don’t have to be solely human; there are a number of animal sports such as horse racing and greyhounds racing that are also very frequently bet on. Bets can either be made through a land-based bookie or via an online one, click here for more information on bookmakers. It is worth noting that there are both illegal and legal versions of bookmakers. Players may use illegal venues, as they will provide better odds, but they run the risk of having to pay instantly when they lose. Legal venues will offer lower rates, but they are a much safer option. Online legal bookmakers can offer excellent rates, though, better than their land-based counterparts. There are a number of different bets on offer when betting on sports. Money line bets simply need the specified team to win outright in whichever sport they play. Spread betting, on the other hand, assigns various handicaps to the team. Favoured teams take points from the final score, whilst the underdog will lose points. There are many more options in sports betting, such as proposition bets, parlays, teasers and more. All of these have varying requirements that the team has to meet in order for the better to win.